Strathearn Hotel Derelict and Crumbling

I would like to bring the physical state of the now defunct Strathearn Hotel in Crieff to the attention of Strathearn local political representatives and Perth and Kinross Council. The building is currently for sale and has been for some time however the nature of the distress and decay in the building has now become a health and safety issue.

Crieff Community Council have brought this issue to the attention of Perth and Kinross Council on a number of occasions.

The building has a number of defects which could lead to large chunks of the building falling into busy King Street in the very near future unless the building is made secure. King Street is a very busy part of Crieff having access to one of the town’s largest car parks, a multitude of shops, and a plethora of pedestrian traffic at all times of the day.

There are numerous bushes growing out of the brickwork increasing the rate of decay, loosening the bricks and mortar and allowing water and damp into the structure leading to further decay not to mention bits of the building potentially falling onto pedestrians and vehicles below.

The photographs below clearly show the state of the building:

  • Mortar loose and falling off to the street below.
  • Bushes growing out of the brickwork.
  • Window frames decaying and falling out.
  • A rear window broken on the roof allowing the weather unimpeded access to the building.
  • Two chimney stacks leaning backwards into the building, one reportedly swaying in the wind.
  • Decaying brickwork on the walls.
  • Down pipe swaying in the wind detached from the building.

Quite honestly the building would not look out of place neglected for decades in a deep dark forest somewhere but to have a building in this state of repair in a main street in a tourist town such as Crieff is astonishing.

The owner has the building up for sale but surely the owner has a responsibility to keep the building in a decent state of repair until such time as it is sold whereupon the new owner would assume that responsibility.

Perth and Kinross Council surely have a responsibility to enforce the upkeep of the building whoever owns it and I imagine that they have the powers to enforce that action very quickly should it be required.

Let’s not wait until some poor pedestrian or vehicle is hit by part of the building as it decays even further.

Please feel free to browse through the photographs below.

I have emailed the details of this post and a link to it to the following people;

  • Ms Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP
  • Roseanna Cunningham MSP
  • Perth and Kinross Council

I will post information on any responses I receive.

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