Lady Mary’s Walk

Lady Mary’s Walk is a delightful stroll which includes a good 2km along the beautiful north bank of the River Earn in Crieff. The lady in question, Lady Mary Murray whose family were local landowners in the early 19th century, is said to have enjoyed this good walk in all seasons. 

Distance = 6.5km, Ascent = 80 metres, Time Taken = 1 to 2 hours.

Start from the fountain in James Square Crieff, walking down West High Street, turning right into Comrie Street and taking the next left descending the slightly downhill Milnab Street, to MacRosty Park car park. (You can quite easily drive down to MacRosty Park where there is good ample car parking available if you chose to.)

Here you can cross the stone bridge over the Turret Burn stopping of course to peer into the clear water to see if you can spot any wildlife. 
Just over the bridge there is a good small track signposted with Lady Mary’s walk. You may take this track if you are nimble and light footed and don’t mind getting your feet slightly wet if the burn is in spate but it will not be suitable for perambulators. Instead continue on for a few yards and turn left into Laggan Road. After approximately 300 metres, avoiding traffic of course, you will chance upon a sign and the main track into Lady Mary’s Walk. 
Take this left turn from the road and enter a beautiful path alongside the River Earn, wide enough for ten, and solid enough underfoot for wheels should you have some with you. Marvel at the stunning tree lined avenue barely an arm’s length from the raging waters of the River Earn, unless of course it is a calm summer’s day in which you can marvel just the same.
Spot the mature oak trees, beech and lime, some maybe 200 years old as you pass through this expansive tree lined avenue. You will hear and see, if you’re quiet, a good number of bird species along the walk which will take you along the River Earn bank for approximately two kilometres. From sparrows, grey wagtails, bluetits and starlings to kingfishers, dippers and herons. If you’re lucky you might even see a salmon rising. And if you travel at last light it is rumoured you may even see an otter or two.
If you tire or are simply ambling along then partake in a well deserved rest on one of the many individually hand-crafted benches along the way.
Soon you will have meandered along to the sign at the end of the track where you might take a right and pass through the ramparts of the old railway crossing leading you out onto the Laggan Road Crieff, whereupon you can walk the tarmac back to your starting point. 
Mind you if you haven’t completely refreshed your senses then a retrace of Lady Mary’s walk back along the river Earn for a double dose of outdoor excitement may be in order.



Lady Mary’s Walk Route GPX File Download

Click the image to download a .gpx track for this walk here.