Crieff Business Improvement District (BID)

Crieff BIDJune 18th 2015 was an historic date for Crieff as local businesses voted in favour of creating a Business Improvement District (BID)in the town.

A Business Improvement District is created when businesses in an area agree to a set of actions to help the local economy and vote via a ballot for a 5 year business plan.

312 Crieff town business properties received a ballot paper and 192 (62%) of those business properties took part in the postal ballot, held during the dates off 7th May to 18th June 2015.

Of the 192 businesses which voted, 134 (69.79%) opted to support the Crieff BID business plan and 58 (30.21%) were against the proposals. In addition, the percentage of non-domestic rate attributed to the votes cast was 87.8%. This figure had to be more than 50% in order for the BID to be successful.

So what does a successful BID mean for Crieff Town? Well the BID business plan highlighted the following key priorities and the new BID company, still to be created, will start to plan and implement these key priorities once they are up and running after the 1st of September.

•  Putting Crieff back on the map and attracting more visitors.
•  A more welcoming Crieff through improvements to the town centre appearance and better parking.
•  Buy local schemes supporting local businesses for local people and visitors.
•  Cash support for events to build a year round programme of things to do.
•  Purchasing schemes that will save businesses money on utility bills.
•  Cash support for business improvements, staff training and business start-ups.

The new BID company will consist of a board of members appointed or elected from local businesses working in conjunction with Perth and Kinross Council, who will then be charged with delivering a £700,000 programme of investment over the next five years until 2020. The programme of investment will be financed by a levy on all local businesses in the BID area in conjunction with grants from Perth and Kinross Council as laid out in the business plan.

In addition at the end of April the Crieff Succeeds BID team announced plans to open two brand new grant schemes worth £158,000 for local Crieff based-event organisers and local businesses commencing in September. £78,000 of this money will be a Business Improvement Grant Scheme aimed at helping businesses attract more customers and help their bottom line. This is great news for local businesses and may see more events coming to Crieff in the future.

The successful BID is a golden opportunity to improve Crieff town centre not only for local businesses but for the towns folk and the tourist alike.

For more information click here to goto the Crieff Succeeds website.